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with an enthusiasm for PC building and embedded electronics. Learn more

About me, in just three words header tags.

I code.

With 1 year in industry and 8+ years personally. I'm passionate about applying and improving my skills to build accessible and reliable software solutions.

I cycle.

I primarily get around on two wheels. Sometimes four, rarely eight.

I repair.

If a product still has a useful life, I realise that potential and bring it to fruition - solving any problems encountered along the way.

Some things I've been working on

  • Sound Control Master

    A background music system delivered as a single page application. Cast-like functionality allows playback to be manipulated near-instantaneously from any device capable of running a web browser. Per-track auto-cue options make this a viable solution for small events.

  • Event Management System

    Web-based event ticket management system developed for a youth organisation. Allows volunteer staff to book and print tickets, manage events and guest registration.

  • Fovero Racing

    Website and blogging platform for Greenwich UTC's electric car building project. Guests and sponsors can view race photography, blog posts and team members. A virtual lounge allows team members to post information and upload team-only photos.

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Let's connect

I'd be glad to hear from you, whether it be a collaboration, question, suggestion or something else.