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Event Management System

Web-based event ticket management system developed for a youth organisation


JnB EMS is a web-based Event Management System developed for the Jam'N'Bakers youth organisation, as my A-levels computer science project. The target platforms are the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox on desktop and Safari on iOS.

Login credentials

Administrative login credentials are provided on my CV.

About Jam'N'Bakers

Jam’N’Bakers (alternatively referred to as JnB) is a youth organisation founded in South-East London by Jessie, a friend of mine. The organisation of consists of 10 volunteer teenagers, myself included. No members are paid for their contributions to the group, as it is a volunteer effort to raise funds for various charities.

At time of writing, Jam’N’Bakers has held 2 events, raising in excess of £700. The first event was held in where funds were raised for Greenwich and Bexleyheath Hospice. The second event was held in , which raised funds for various charities in the Philippines.

Photo galleries of past events can be found on the Jam'N'Bakers subsite.


This digital event management system was designed to replace the previous paper-based workflow, alongside an assortment of third-party services and applications.

It was also intended to reduce the dependence on Jessie, by allowing all volunteer staff access to essential event information that would otherwise only be known by her.


The development of this system was completed over the course of several months.

During this time, existing volunteers frequently tested out the new system and were able to provide extremely beneficial feedback, points for improvement, and report any bugs encountered.

Some of the volunteer staff ran into issues by interacting with the system in an unexpected way, which served as a lesson for myself and allowed me to further improve the user experience.

More information

A subset of the 208 page write-up for this project is available on request.


  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • jQuery 2.2.0
  • SQL
  • REST