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A static, basic responsive and accessible website demonstration


This was an individual assignment completed as part of the Front-End Web Development course at my university. The target platforms were the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox on both desktop and mobile.

The aim was to understand and demonstrate knowledge of best practices, accessibility, responsive mobile-first design, and appropriate use of Git source control.


During this course I was introduced to accessible design, and semantic HTML5 markup I was not yet familiar with.

This course made me aware of various design shortcomings in previous projects - for example using <div> tags incorrectly in lieu of semantic markup, using <p> and <br> tags for presentation, and overall poor accessibility for screen reader and keyboard users.

The new knowledge gained from the course was used to improve some of my older projects' user experience, such as Fovero Racing, and played a big role in the redesign of my personal website. Going forward, this knowledge will prove essential when designing and developing future projects.


  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3